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Starting your dream urban farm in Mumbai can be a nightmare! You could spend months and a mini-fortune dashing from Bhandup to Byculla and beyond, hunting for miscellanea from earth to Epsom Salts, containers to compost, gloves to gobar, sunhats to shovels, not to mention woodash, limestone, vermiculite and other arcane jazz – then wonder what’s organic and what’s fake – and then puzzle over how much of what goes into what size container for which veggie! Whew, it’s easier to just give up! But guess what? Urban farming in Mumbai has just become easier! Based on your feedback, I decided to dive in and do the R&D for sensible solutions – simple, no-nonsense, ready-to-use Grow Kits and useful Urban Farming Kits, with Refill Packs of completely authentic ingredients. All Kits and Packs are well-researched, ecologically responsible, functionally robust, easy on the eye,  fair-priced, ridiculously easy to use and, what’s more, even delivered to your doorstep! I hope you like them!!

REFILL PACKS (available on this website for Mumbai deliveries & also all-India through Amazon & FlipKart):  The widest range of natural and organic soil amendments and original potting mixes in India.

Compost Vermiculite1 WoodAsh1 Epsom_Salts1 CocoPeat

EARTH-FRIENDLY GROW KITS (only available for Mumbai deliveries) JUST OPEN, SOW, WATER & GROW!!! 6 kg pre-assembled, ready-to-use potting mixes over brick substrata, in inner bio-degradable hessian sacks and outer poly grow bags with heavy-duty ground sheets for water run-off, and complimentary seed packs (Click link for details)

Potting Mix

URBAN FARMING KITS (only available for Mumbai deliveries): OUT OF STOCK, SORRY 😦 Pre-assembled, hard-to-get, high-quality essentials for Mumbai’s urban farmers, whether you are growing in your compound, terrace, balcony or windowsill (Click link for details)

Final_BasicUFKitPro   Final_DeluxeUFKit_MetalCanPro



Rates: This listing reflects retail rates. For bulk orders (over 24 pieces of single/mixed items) please request us for wholesale rates. All prices inclusive of GST.

Deliveries: Free delivery anywhere in Mumbai area for minimum order of Rs 500/-, else Rs 75/- delivery charge (Mumbai city/Thane/Navi Mumbai). Retail orders: Same/next day. Wholesale orders: Within 1 week.

Scheduling: Please send us your requirements in the form below for confirmation and scheduling within 24 hours.

Payment: Retail orders: Cash on Delivery, or Bank Transfer if preferred. Wholesale orders: 50% payable in advance please. BANK INFO: Account Name: Gateway City Services, Bank: Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Branch: Chembur, Current A/c No: 0207351000000551, IFSC No: LAVB0000207.

Returns/Exchanges: We try very hard to ensure a perfect product and smooth delivery.  Items may please be inspected at delivery. If found unsatisfactory, we would be glad to offer you a replacement at no extra cost to you. However, once orders have been delivered, we would not be able to accept returns or provide replacements.

More questions? Please phone Chetan at 8691023536 – office hrs only.

Thanks for your email! We will be in touch within  24 hours…..:-)

10 thoughts on “Mandy’s Farm Earth Products

  1. Anisha Kulkarni

    hey hi..
    I’am Anisha, a Mumbai based teen-aged blogger and also a self taught baker.I am looking forward at building my own herb garden this summer, and I really have no idea as to where to start from and what soil,manure,composts etc to use. I found your site really helpful 🙂
    I would really want your help as to how should I proceed. Right now, I’am looking at growing basic herbs and will move on to seasonal herbs gradually. Please get back to me with some guidance 🙂
    Also, your site is really beautiful 🙂


    1. Mandy Post author

      Anisha, I’m glad you liked the site – thank you so much 🙂 It’s a great idea to grow your own herbs in your line of business cos a) some of them are super easy to grow and b) you can save yourself the pretty penny they would cost you otherwise. The easiest are mint and basil, and you will find lots of info on how to’s – on my Plantopedia Page and the How to Grow Page. Good luck with growing, and on your business too!


  2. Andrea Reinsmoen

    Hi Mandy,
    I love what you are promoting and as a teacher see this necessary in schools. Could you share a few of your thoughts on how this could be part of a school?
    Greatly appreciate it,
    Andrea Stadler Reinsmoen


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      So glad you like this site and see the value in urban farming 🙂 Yes, I too believe that there is tremendous necessity for reaching out to the younger generation to create awareness and invite action on urban farming – every step counts, every person matters. I plan to introduce workshops for schoolkids sometime this year, with the help of two expat friends of mine, and it would be great to connect with you, if this is something that would interest you. Do stay in touch!


  3. Mandy Post author

    Hi NS, thanks for your message. Sorry this response is so late, I was preoccupied with other projects…We no longer sell on eBay but you will find our Earth Products on Amazon and Flipkart. The complete range, at the best prices, are right here on this Mumbai Farmers website. Please do call during office hours, or send me a number that I can have my office call you back on 🙂



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