Earth-Friendly Grow Kits

All Grow Kits contain 6 kg pre-assembled and ready-to-use potting mixes over brick substrata, in inner bio-degradable hessian sacks and outer poly grow bags with heavy-duty ground sheets, and complimentary seed packs (Grow Bag: 24 cm Lx24 cm Wx40 cm H@ 150 micron thickness)

Kit items:  6kg pre-assembled potting mix grow bag + ground sheet + seed pack

Potting MixGRADE A 

* pH balanced for acidity * Essential organic nutrients * Basic starter medium for most leafing, rooting & small fruiting veggies * Contains Natural Earth + Aged Cow Manure + Vermi-Compost   Rs 399/- ea


* pH balanced for acidity * Essential organic nutrients * High resistance to soil-borne diseases * Very good starter medium for most leafing, rooting & mid-sized fruiting veggies * Contains Natural Earth + Aged Cow Manure + Vermi-Compost + Organic Neem Granulated Composite + Recycled Wood Ash   Rs 449/- ea


* pH balanced for acidity * Essential organic nutrients * High resistance to soil-borne diseases * Organic fertilizer and vital minerals for high productivity * Excellent starter medium for most leafing, rooting & large-sized fruiting veggies * Contains Natural Earth + Aged Cow Manure + Vermi-Compost + Organic Neem Granulated Composite + Recycled Wood Ash + Asbestos-Free & Non-Toxic Vermiculite Granules + Bone/Fish Meal Organic Fertilizer   Rs 499/- ea

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Design FAQs

Why Poly Bags?

I use special double sided, heavy-duty Poly Bags – white on the outside to reflect excess heat, black on the inside to preserve soil temperature. Plastic Poly Bags were chosen because they are lighter than earthen-clay or ceramic containers, and less environment-unfriendly compared with plastic containers. They are also re-usable, and more adaptable to small balcony/windowsill spaces. Poly bags also reduce unit prices considerably, making urban farming more affordable to more people.

Why Hessian Inner Sacks?

I use hessian or A-grade, non-syntheticized, Assam Jute as an inner lining because hessian absorbs and retains moisture, thus preventing your potting mix from drying out between watering spells (as it would have if it was encased in pure plastic). The hessian sack also helps in transportation of materials, making your pre-assembled Grow Kit immediately ready-for-use on delivery. It can be folded over the poly bag to begin sowing, or folded around the plant to serve as a preventive layer of mulch as your plant grows. In time, your hessian bag will bio-degrade, adding nutrients to your potting mix. Your hessian bag also comes with rope, which you can re-use when you need to tie your bushes/creepers to a trellis.

Why Ground Sheets?

As a city farmer, one needs to prevent seepage on flooring, and so many folks use plastic trays. However this carries a big risk of mosquitoes breeding in stagnant tray water. Frankly, it makes no sense to me to grow plants at such a high risk to yourself and your community. A simpler solution is to protect your flooring with a ground sheet, while allowing for excess water to run-off/evaporate. As you get used to this, you will also develop an instinct for watering conservatively, and effectively. Over-watering is in fact the main cause of plant death, and this is one way to get used to watering, just enough.

Why Brick Substratum?

Plants absorb moisture from wet soil, but waterlogged soil will lead to rotting of your plant roots. Efficient drainage is vital, and bricks help in absorbing excess water, also allowing it to drain out through its gaps. Bricks, being both light-weight and absorbent, seemed to me to be a far better choice than stones. I use only broken bricks, recycling for a good cause, what would have otherwise become industrial waste. Finally, I use only natural red brick which will break down in time. It is composed of red soil that is rich in iron, an essential element for healthy plant growth.

Why Potting Mixes?

Plants need vital nutrients to grow and give forth fruit, leaf and root. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are three of the most important nutrients, besides a host of others. Plain earth is often not rich enough for urban farming, and so we use it as an essential base, adding to it the right proportion of other good, natural and organic stuff that it needs to give forth fruit, leaf and root plentifully 🙂

How are Grow Kits Assembled?

Assembly of your Grow Kits is done by hand – sifting, sorting and mixing of the right proportion of ingredients in each kit. Currently I have three part-time staff who prepare your Grow Kits. All of them, out of a conscious decision on my side, are underprivileged, working women.

How are Grow Kits Delivered?

Your Grow Kits have been designed in pre-assembled hessian sacks that are ready for use immediately on delivery. Right now we professional couriers to do our deliveries. In time, I will be replacing them in time with young men and women with Special Needs, who are perfectly capable of undertaking this job, and ensuring that you have a pleasant user experience on delivery 🙂


4 thoughts on “Earth-Friendly Grow Kits

  1. Suhani

    Hello, I want to start the farming activity in my small balcony. As a fresher in this area, can guide on starting the activities. For example, what should I start with, how to start, what kind of soil or mixture I should use, steps to start and how to take care. Also if there are any videos available, would be great help.



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