From a seed that became a plant in 2013…to a terrace farm in Mumbai by 2014…to the Mumbai Farmers blogsite in 2014 that inspires a tribe of urban farmers across India…it’s been quite a journey! In 2015 we created India’s first complete range of natural organic soil amendments and original potting mixes and sold across online platforms under the brand name “Mandy’s Farm” (pssst, we have been busy GROWING!!!). Bath products came next, and in 2018, we launched our Online Nursery too! Guess what? Everything gets delivered to your doorstep!

Click here to access:

Mandy’s Farm Earth Products

Mandy’s Farm Bath Products

Mandy’s Farm Online Nursery

At Mandy’s Farm we are 100% committed to organic and natural ways of growing and living – for ourselves, our children, our planet, and our future. We believe in PURE. We believe in CLEAN. We believe in NATURAL. Our fledgling growing enterprise is research-based, and we ask all buyers to beware of toxic, artificially colored or synthetically processed products that are harmful to our health and the environment. We use natural ingredients whenever possible, and conduct no animal-testing. We also ensure that our products are crafted by hand, packaged responsibly, and offer value for money. Do connect with me if something inspires your interest in living and growing organically, or interests you enough to place an order, and of course, if you have suggestions on how we can make things better!

3 thoughts on “Shop

  1. vkpvp

    Hi Mandy!
    Fantastic informative site for urban farmers!!
    I was just wondering that if I organize one workshop on urban farming, would you lead and share your knowledge with participants?!
    Thanks and happy farming!


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi there, thanks and glad you like the site! Am not yet conducting workshops but may do so in the near future. Will definitely keep you in the loop. Happy farming to you too!



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