Mandy’s Farm Earth Products

Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai residents, please order here for home delivery within 24 hours. Rest of India residents, please wait 3-10 days for delivery from your orders. All prices inclusive of GST. Overall 20% Discount for members of Mumbai Farmers.



500 ml: Rs 299/- & 1000 ml: Rs 599/-


5 kg Pure Epsom Salts-Horti Grade (Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate)  Rs 829/-

5 kg Recycled Natural Woodash  Rs599/-

5 kg Powdered Limestone (Rock Phosphate)  Rs 599/-

5 kg Organic Bonemeal/Fishmeal High Potency Fertilizer  Rs699/-

5 kg Organic Neem-Supreme Soil-ution Rs 549/-

SOIL AMENDMENTS in 1 kg packs

1 kg Pure Epsom Salts-Horti Grade (Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate)  Rs 219/-   Epsom_Salts1 


                                                                                          1 kg Renewable Organic Coco Peat Fibre  Rs 149/- Out of Stock!


1 kg Asbestos-Free & Non-Toxic Vermiculite Granules   Rs 349/-


1 kg Asbestos-Free & Non-Toxic Vermiculite Dust   Rs 349/-


1 kg Recycled Natural Wood Ash (Potash)  Rs 219-


1 kg Powdered Limestone (Rock Phosphate)  Rs 219/-


                                                                                                                            1 kg Organic Bonemeal/Fishmeal High Potency Fertilizer   Rs 249/-BoneFishMeal

1 kg Organic Neem-Supreme Composite (Leaf, Seed, Flower & Bark) Soil-ution   Rs 149/-

Neem Pdr2

SOIL & AMENDMENTS in 2 kg packs

2 kg Heat-Sterilized Organic Earth  Rs 149/- Out Of Stock!


2 kg Aged, Well-Dried & Sieved Cow-Manure   Rs 199/- (2 kg)


2 kg Rich Vermi-Compost   Rs 149/- (2 kg)



PREMIUM ALL-PURPOSE MIX: Balanced, High-Quality Ingredients & Rich Medium for All-Purpose Growing * Moderate pH – Rs. 269/- (2 kg) & Rs 649/- (5 kg)

GERMINATION MIX: Excellent Medium for Seed Germination * Moderate pH & High Sterility – Rs. 269/- (2 kg) 

MICROGREEN SOIL-LESS MIX: Excellent Medium for Micro-Green Growing * Moderate Ph, High Sterility & Friability – Rs. 269/- (2 kg) & Rs 649/- (5 kg)

FLOWERING/LEAFING POTTING MIX: Excellent Medium for Most Flowering Plants & Leafing Veggies * Moderate pH – Rs. 239/- (2 kg) & Rs 549/- (5 kg)

FRUITING POTTING MIX: Excellent Medium for Most Fruit Trees & Fruiting Veggies * High Acidity – Rs. 239/- (2 kg) & Rs 549/- (5 kg)

ROOTING POTTING MIX: Excellent Medium for Most Rooting Veggies * High Alkalinity – Rs. 239/- (2 kg) & Rs 549/- (5 kg)

ORGANIC CACTUS/SUCCULENT POTTING MIX: Excellent Medium for Desertified Plant Species * High Acidity – Rs. 269/- (2 kg) & Rs 649/- (5 kg)

ORGANIC BONSAI BASE POTTING MIX: Sterile, Quick Draining, Highly Porous Medium for Prized Bonsais * Available for Acid Loving Calcifuges Rs. 429/- (2 kg) & Alkaline Loving Calcicoles Rs 429/- (2 kg)


Excellent De-Toxifying, High-Draining, Sterile Medium for Open/Closed Terraria * Just add your Container and Plants * Each Kit contains mixed river pebbles, activated charcoal, type-specific potting mix, natural sphagnum moss, non biodegradable screen & instructions * Designed to make TWO medium or ONE large terrarium

* High Acidity Kit for Desert Miniscapes – Rs. 599/-

* Moderate Acidity Kit for Tropical Miniscapes – Rs. 599/-


Rates: This listing reflects retail rates. For bulk orders (over 12 pieces of single/mixed items) please request us for wholesale rates.

Deliveries: Free delivery anywhere in Mumbai area (Mumbai city/Thane/Navi Mumbai). Retail orders: Same/next day. Wholesale orders: Within 1 week.

Scheduling: Please send us your requirements in the form below for confirmation and scheduling within 24 hours.

Payment: Retail orders: Cash on Delivery, or Bank Transfer if preferred. Wholesale orders: 50% payable in advance please. BANK INFO: Account Name: Gateway City Services, Bank: Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Branch: Chembur, Current A/c No: 0207351000000551, IFSC No: LAVB0000207.

Returns/Exchanges: We try very hard to ensure a perfect product and smooth delivery.  Refill items may please be inspected at delivery. If found unsatisfactory, we would be glad to offer you a replacement at no extra cost to you. However, once refill orders have been delivered, we would not be able to accept returns or provide replacements.

More questions? Please phone Chetan at 86910 23536 – office hrs only.

Ready to order? Call us with your requirement or send it through this form….

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6 thoughts on “Mandy’s Farm Earth Products

  1. Rajesh

    Hi ,
    I want to order 5 items from the refill pack list. As I am based at Coimbatore ( Tamil Nadu) went through Amazon. They seem to be charging Rs.75/ as delivery charges for each item (ie 350/ for the whole lot ) to be delivered at the same address at the same time.

    Just checking if there is a way out to get them to charge for the whole lot as one .



    1. Mandy Post author

      Thanks for writing in Rajesh. For all our e-commerce transactions, our products being heavy and relatively lower in value (as compared to say cellphones or sunglasses or garments) the courier delivery costs form a higher proportion of the order value. The cheapest provider we have been able to source still costs us about Rs 75/- per kg to carry our items without any fuss about them being “powders” or “mud” – though we often end up having to mail by surface transport, as airlines refuse to carry them, and IndiaPost asks more questions than provides answers 🙂 We are trying to get better at delivery given the existing alternatives, and so, as of now, the best prices we can offer are within Mumbai where we do the delivery ourselves. So if we do accept your order at rates on this website, the lowest charges for courier would still be around Rs 75/- kg – and that is purely on actuals. If this should work for you, please fill out the format on the Refill Packs page and Peter will contact you with your estimate. Otherwise, please order from the big 3 – Amazon, eBay and now Flipkart too. Thanks!


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Mansi. We sell two types of Epsom salts under the label of Mandy’s Farm. The first (which you seem to have accessed) is the lower grade one which is suitable for horticultural and aquaria use – not for applications on the skin. If you’re looking for skin/spa use then you’d need the higher pharma grade Healing Epsom Salts which we sell with our Body Products. Pls find it here:


  2. raj

    hi i bought 1 kg Pure Epsom at Rs 279+75delivery charges on December month,and last week i bought 1 kg Epsom salts at local fertilizer shop, the cost was huge difference nearly 10 times cheep, why ??


    1. GCS Post author

      Hi Raj,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure you will find someone selling epsom salts even cheaper – everything is possible in a market unregulated for quality or claims!! As they say, we have no argument with competitors who charge less, they realise what their quality & service is worth 🙂



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