Growing Aloe Vera in Mumbai

“It grows and grows, then grows some more,

One gives two, and then four score”

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SEASONS: Aloe Vera is a perennial plant. It can be grown all through the year. It thrives during our summers but is not too fond of our Mumbai monsoons! Plants tend to bloat, get disfigured and die, if not protected from excessive rainfall/flooding. If you take minimum precautions to prevent that, then this  succulent will grow through the seasons and for many years to come.

PROPAGATING: This plant is propagated from young ones or “pups” that grow out of the mother plant and pop up nearby. It is one of the easiest plants to propagate, as nature does most of the job for you! Simply uproot aloe pups, cut off connecting roots carefully, and re-plant elsewhere.

PLANTING OUT: Aloe Vera pups and plants can withstand soils ranging from slightly acidic, neutral to slightly alkaline. It needs to be re-planted in very well-drained, sandy soil in strong and direct sunlight. Aloe Vera can also be grown indoors in a sunny spot. Since this plant has a spreading root system, ensure that your containers are wide enough, or grow in the open ground.

NURTURING: This is a very easy plant to grow and requires little nurturing besides watering. It stores water in its leaves, and while it can do without water for days together, it would need occasional deep watering. It needs to dry out thoroughly between watering spells, so ensure that your soil is not constantly wet, and never ever clayey. Aloe Vera does not get preyed on by insects or other pests, and will look after itself throughout its growth. Yellowing leaves/tips may need to be trimmed off occasionally.

HARVESTING: Harvest leaves as the plant grows, from the outer ring of leaves inwards. The outer leaves will be the oldest and most well-formed in terms of quantity and quality of nutrients. Aloe Vera will keep producing leaves for years – its leaf juices are edible and also have excellent medicinal and cosmetic value. And of course it will also keep producing young ones – so pretty soon you will be begging friends and family to take home some aloe pups with them!

Aloe Vera       Aloe Vera Plants

Heart of the aloe…and re-planted pups from a single mother plant!


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10 thoughts on “Growing Aloe Vera in Mumbai

    1. Mandy Post author

      Aloe vera is very easy to propagate and one does not really need much training. You will find basic and fairly adequate information on the Aloe Vera link under the Plantopedia tab of this website itself. It offers information on how to care for and propagate this plant.


  1. Anonymous

    in Mumbai weather, how often should I water my Aloe Vera Plant? I water it once a week. But the leaves of my Aloe vera are drooping & are also turning brown..Am i overwatering it?


  2. Manoj

    Sir, my name is Manoj and belongs to chhatarpur distinct MP and presently doing job in Mumbai. Sir I want to farming of Aloe Vera plant in my dist so want to know the initial step such as how I gets the seeds, necessary care for the plants and marketing or how and where to sell the product.


    1. GCS Post author

      Plant nurseries in Mumbai are very likely to be selling aloe vera plants. If you nurture and propagate the aloe pups organically, then you could be sure you have organic plants over the next few seasons.


  3. meghalomaniac

    Hi how do I take care of my aloe vera plants during monsoons in Bombay? Im not watering them but there’s no sunlight as well. Urgent help needed, please. Thank you! Stay safe


    1. Mandy Post author

      If there’s a rain-protected windowsill, move it there as excessive rainwater may kill it. You still want it to be exposed to as much sunlight as is available, as moving it indoors to a sunless patch, will also kill it. If you cannot save it from the rains, then loosen the soil and ensure that water will drain right through the container without any stagnancy whatsoever. This is a difficult time for aloe veras and they need help through the Mumbai monsoons 🙂 Good luck!



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