Coming Home to the Urban Farm

It feels good to come home to our urban farm!

Every evening, after the heat of the day is spent, we go up to the terrace to water our parched plants, harvest vegetables, and spend quality family time together. I’m thankful that the terrace farm is that one space in our lives that has no wireless connection – so we hang together without any gizmos between us – such a rarity for urban dwellers today – and enjoy leisurely, face to face CONVERSATIONS  🙂

The first glimpse of the farm beyond the black, iron grilles of the terrace door, the first breath of clean, oxygenated air, the first scent of green freshness, is always exciting after a long day in the polluted metropolis!

SAMSUNGThe farm beckons……

A burst of orange hibiscus stands by the entrance to the garden, welcoming us within.

SAMSUNGPretty much perfect – Orange Hibiscus/Shoeflower

There’s something to harvest every day. It’s fun to pluck fresh tomatoes just before you toss them into the curry!

SAMSUNGTomato harvest – some in hand, some in the bush

An hour spent in the garden is as therapeutic as a visit to a spa. It’s difficult to explain this soul-garden connection. It just happens 🙂

Now that we have our evening garden routine worked out, the day seems incomplete without it. If I find myself held back in meetings or stuck in the painful suburban commute at this time of day, I begin dreaming about the garden and longing to return home! There have been occasions when my children and I sneak into the garden late at night, to make up for a missed evening  hour. Then the family huddles together and conversations meander around teenage loves, the good life, interesting trivia, hopeful dreams and ambitious plans. And we speak in hushed voices with only the garden as witness….

Until the next post, happy and soulful gardening 🙂


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