Seducing the Butterflies and Bees

The eternal game of seduction plays on full screen, four shows daily, in my little terrace farm! I check in from time to time to watch what’s going on, and wonder at the glorious spectacle of it all. Every manner of plant seeks their space in the sun, blooming, blushing and vying with the others for the attention of wandering butterflies and bees!

The competition is intense. Flowering shrubs fight with veggie plants over who can get the bees visiting first. Flashy, over-made up concoctions like hibiscus try to edge out winsome, petite chilly flowers, while the cucumber quietly burns incandescent blooms, confidently awaiting her air-borne paramour 🙂

Check out a teaser of this show!

SAMSUNG                SAMSUNG

Delicate, petite and winsome snake gourd and chilly flowers bloom shyly…

…while the flashy hibiscus throws color and attitude at every passer-by!

SAMSUNG Pink Hibiscus Hibiscus (2)

And then there are the other beauties.

Ivy Gourd Flower

Ivy gourd/tindora flowers hope to kill the competition by getting high in the sky…


…as the okra/bhindi flower lures with the promise of deep purple within…

SAMSUNG…and the royal cucumber sits confidently in its corner, burning in incandescent yellow.

(Photo Courtesy: Rhea)

And thus Nature’s show goes on, as we humans sit on the sidelines, waiting for pollination, for flowers to burst into fruit, and fruit to grow into ripe fullness.

Until the next post, do enjoy the outdoors, and the opportunity to witness one of the best shows on earth!


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5 thoughts on “Seducing the Butterflies and Bees

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi..Which flowering plants need to be put to attract bees and butterflies as my mirchi plant flowers fell off totally. Now, I wonder if I could go ahead with other vegetables like karela and beans as I see no bees n butterflies in my balcony.


    1. Mandy Post author

      I would pick bright, showy, heavily scented, large/large bunched flowers to attract bees and butterflies to a new pollination ground. Hibiscus, bougainvillea, marigold, sunflower are great examples….Good luck!


    2. D.K.Shettyan

      please see for male flower that is a flower which has no attached furit to the flower and than pollinate with the femail flower.



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