What to Grow

Plants are sensitive to climate and season (See: When to Grow?). What thrives in Bangalore and Pune, may languish in Mumbai – and vice versa. Mumbai’s climate is tropical – it has moderate to high temperatures and very high humidity. It has two summers, a heavy, prolonged monsoon and a blink-and-you-miss-it winter season. After several years of experimentation, I can now recommend these herbs, veggies, and fruit for Mumbai’s urban farmers. I have grown all these in containers, organically, and on my terrace in Mumbai (click on the active links for specific info on growing each type…)

Key:               Difficult to Grow                                                ♣♣   Quite Easy to Grow   

           §  Will grow in 4-5 hours of Sunshine             §§   Needs 8-10 hours of Sunshine

          ≈   Light to Moderate Watering                         ≈≈   Moderate to Heavy Watering





  • Lime/Nimbu   ♣♣   §§  
  • Sapodilla/Chikoo      §§  
  • Guava/Peru   ♣♣   §§  
  • Custard Apple/Sitaphal   ♣    §§  
  • Papaya/Papita   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Banana/Kela   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Mango/Aam   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Love Apple/Pyaar ka Ser  ♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Black Sugarcane/Kaala Ganna      §§   ≈≈
  • Watermelon/Tarbooz      §§   ≈≈
  • Indian Gooseberry/Amla      §§   ≈≈
  • Long Gooseberry/Bimli      §§   ≈≈

* You may notice the absence of some common market veggies like brinjal, cabbage and cauliflower. The reason is simple – it was impossible to grow these organically because of the high incidence of worm attacks. Since I refuse to spray chemical pesticides, I’d rather not grow these veggies. I would also be very suspicious of purchasing these veggies in the market, as I know the chance of chemical contaminants in them would be very high.

** I also experimented with other non-native veggies like broccoli, squash, zucchini, snow peas, celery, head lettuce, swiss chard, parsley, corn and grapes – stuff I had grown successfully when I lived in a cool and temperate climatic zone. None of these veggies/fruit could tolerate our tropical climate, and  so I cannot recommend them for Mumbai.

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17 thoughts on “What to Grow

    1. Mandy Post author

      I do not sell seeds but offer complimentary seeds in many purchases (See my Marketplace Page). If you wish to buy only seeds, please choose open-pollinated or organic seeds from reputed sellers (Google for info).


  1. jaimala

    I wish to attend *th May workshop in noon as I am 15+. Kindly let me know how do I register for the same.


  2. Sarla

    I’m just getting into kitchen gardening.
    I’m also interested in flowers which grow all year round.
    I’m new to this ,need guidance.
    Also do you sell plants?



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