What to Grow

Plants are sensitive to climate and season (See: When to Grow?). What thrives in Bangalore and Pune, may languish in Mumbai – and vice versa. Mumbai’s climate is tropical – it has moderate to high temperatures and very high humidity. It has two summers, a heavy, prolonged monsoon and a blink-and-you-miss-it winter season. After several years of experimentation, I can now recommend these herbs, veggies, and fruit for Mumbai’s urban farmers. I have grown all these in containers, organically, and on my terrace in Mumbai (click on the active links for specific info on growing each type…)

Key:               Difficult to Grow                                                ♣♣   Quite Easy to Grow   

           §  Will grow in 4-5 hours of Sunshine             §§   Needs 8-10 hours of Sunshine

          ≈   Light to Moderate Watering                         ≈≈   Moderate to Heavy Watering





  • Lime/Nimbu   ♣♣   §§  
  • Sapodilla/Chikoo      §§  
  • Guava/Peru   ♣♣   §§  
  • Custard Apple/Sitaphal   ♣    §§  
  • Papaya/Papita   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Banana/Kela   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Mango/Aam   ♣♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Love Apple/Pyaar ka Ser  ♣   §§   ≈≈
  • Black Sugarcane/Kaala Ganna      §§   ≈≈
  • Watermelon/Tarbooz      §§   ≈≈
  • Indian Gooseberry/Amla      §§   ≈≈
  • Long Gooseberry/Bimli      §§   ≈≈

* You may notice the absence of some common market veggies like brinjal, cabbage and cauliflower. The reason is simple – it was impossible to grow these organically because of the high incidence of worm attacks. Since I refuse to spray chemical pesticides, I’d rather not grow these veggies. I would also be very suspicious of purchasing these veggies in the market, as I know the chance of chemical contaminants in them would be very high.

** I also experimented with other non-native veggies like broccoli, squash, zucchini, snow peas, celery, head lettuce, swiss chard, parsley, corn and grapes – stuff I had grown successfully when I lived in a cool and temperate climatic zone. None of these veggies/fruit could tolerate our tropical climate, and  so I cannot recommend them for Mumbai.

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    1. Mandy Post author

      I do not sell seeds but offer complimentary seeds in many purchases (See my Marketplace Page). If you wish to buy only seeds, please choose open-pollinated or organic seeds from reputed sellers (Google for info).


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    I wish to attend *th May workshop in noon as I am 15+. Kindly let me know how do I register for the same.



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