When to Grow

Mumbai’s tropical climate allows year-round farm production. However, it is important to choose suitable plants (See: What to Grow?) and respect the natural cycle of seasons to optimize growth and prevent plant disease. You could join our group to access Mumbai’s Herb & Veggie Planting Calendar, or read on for some general tips:

HERBS & FRUIT: Most herbs and all fruit are perennials. Plant saplings year long, though the monsoon humidity (if your saplings are sheltered from the force of rains and flooding) is particularly good.

VEGGIES: Most veggies are seasonal. There are three types of veggies – fruiting (tomatoes, okra, gourds etc), leafing (spinach, amaranth, dill etc) and rooting (potato, ginger, radish etc).  Read on for info on the most suitable season to grow these veggie types in Mumbai:

SEASON I – FIRST SUMMER – Early February to end May

  • FRUIT VEGGIES – Excellent. The strong heat of summer will bring fullness to fruit, with peas and beans (barring gavar) being exceptions.
  • ROOT VEGGIES – Not good. The heat will prevent/stunt growth for most, with sweet potato as an exception.
  • LEAF VEGGIES – Good. Amaranth, fenugreek/methi and Malabar spinach will do well, but not lettuce. Spinach will be fine till March, after which the heat will make its leaves bitter.

SEASON II – MONSOONS + SECOND SUMMER – Early June to end October

  • FRUIT VEGGIES – Good for gourds and cucumbers that grow fat and heavy in the rain. However, excessive rain could destroy flowers and prevent pollination. Other fruit veggies tend to suffer as the excessive humidity leads to fungus on plants.
  • ROOT VEGGIES – Not good for most. Sweet potato, ginger and turmeric are exceptions that thrive through the monsoons, and despite the heat of October.
  • LEAF VEGGIES – Moderate. Will work if your plants are protected from flooding. Again, choose amaranth, fenugreek and Malabar spinach as they grow through this season.

*** This season is also excellent for germinating/transplanting HERBS & FRUIT.

SEASON III – WINTER – Early November to end January

  • FRUIT VEGGIES – Moderate. The season is good until end November after which production tends to dip slightly during the cooler months. The exceptions are peas and beans which thrive during Mumbai’s winter.
  • ROOT VEGGIES – Excellent. This is the best time of year for root veggies like radish, potato, turnip, and onion.
  • LEAF VEGGIES – Excellent for all leaf veggies, especially spinach and lettuce as the cooler temperatures help retain sweetness in leaf.

Propagation: If you plan to grow from seed, you would need a two week head start to take your sapling to true-leaf stage (See: How to Grow? and Growing from Seed)

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5 thoughts on “When to Grow

  1. Sangeet Agrawal

    Hi Mandy,
    I wanted to appreciate your amazing work for urban farming in Mumbai. I am a student of B.Arch and I am working on my thesis project which is based on the urban farming concept. I found the information on this website very useful and want to use it for my project. I wanted to ask for your permission to do so.
    Kindly help me out and let me know if you are fine with me using the information.


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Sangeet, Happy to know you found this website useful! I would be delighted if you could share this information and have no objection as long as you credit the source at Mumbai Farmer. Thank you for checking with me! Good luck on your project!


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Geeta, thanks for writing in. You will find our Growing Calendar on the Files section of the Mumbai Farmers Group on facebook. We also announce new workshops on that group page, as and when they happen. Do stay connected with us!



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