And How Does My Garden Grow?

I remember this nursery rhyme from kindergarten days:

“Mary, Mary quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells,

And pretty maids all in a row.”

Well, how’s that for a perfectly nonsensical, happy nursery rhyme?! After the angst of the last post, it feels good to be happy – to grow and be alive. So, while the gardener may remain contrary, and has no  bells, shells or maids to show, she’s got some pretty down-to-earth veggies growing instead, that are (yum!!) all going to end up on her plate sooner or later!

Here’s what’s growing this season…


                       Capsicum and Yellow Bell Tomatoes – producing despite the incessant rain…

SAMSUNG     20130915_114634

…and Cucumbers/Kakdi and Tindora/Tendli, thriving through the monsoons.

It’s been the longest monsoon season in the city in several years (see As I write this post on the 16th of October, the sky is overcast with rain clouds. I’m expecting a stormy downpour like the one that hit the city with sudden intensity two days ago. With this contrary weather, the contrarian gardener in me has had to adapt – to leave off my ambitious seeding program, grow more monsoon-loving veggies like gourds, and lower expectations from my leafy veggies (that simply get overwhelmed in the rains). It’s still worth it, as the pictures tell. It’s a complete treat to eat freshly-cut cucumbers at every meal, and enjoy stir-fried tindora, stuffed capsicum side-dishes and yellow bell tomatoes in my salad – all home-grown, chemical-free and full of goodness!

There’s a very large white pumpkin that’s been growing steadily in a corner of my little terrace top urban farm, that I’m just dying to eat. I promise to post pictures of it (seems to be at least 3 kilos already), and the curry it ends up in, in my next post!

Until then, happy growing, and happy eating!


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2 thoughts on “And How Does My Garden Grow?

  1. L. K. Iyer

    Hey Mandy! You are after my own heart….your racy writing, constant upbeat humour, mishaps to avoid by regaling us with your own trip-ups…the whole packageis so entertaining apart from useful!
    My terrace is covered with metal.sheets. Do you think the light coming in through the sides is enough for veggies and flowers? And how does one grow spinach…are seeds available?
    I have lots of doubts and will be picking your brains often.
    Will be in touch!☺. Lalita.


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi there – glad you liked the blog 🙂 To answer your question, reflected/indirect light may work with herbs and some leafing veggies, but most other veggies would suffer without the sun. Metal sheets would block off the sun completely – wish you had translucent fibreglass ones at least! Alternatively, you could place your containers at the periphery of your terrace so that they catch some rays at least a few hours in the day. Good luck!



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