Growing Wheatgrass in Mumbai

“It doth not fuss, nor maketh you wait,

From seed to juice, in two weeks straight!”

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One of the easiest leafing plants to grow, Wheatgrass also looks lush and lovely on any windowsill, or terrace farm!

SEASONS: Wheatgrass is a seasonal plant when grown as a cereal. However, if you are growing it as a grass for healthy smoothies, you can sow and grow it in any season.

PROPAGATION: This plant grows very easily from seed. Buy wheat seeds/grains at the grocery store or raid your kitchen shelves for some.

GERMINATING: Germinate and grow wheatgrass directly in your germination dish/seeding basket prepared with a mixture of compost and peat moss. Seeds can be shown in shallow, 1/4 inch deep holes or scattered on the surface with a sprinkling of soil above. Place in semi-shade and spray water evenly. Spray your sown seeds daily until seedlings emerge in 2-3 days

PLANTING OUT: Ensure that your soil is well-composted, well-drained, with a pH level ranging from neutral to slightly acidic. If you are only growing wheatgrass and not wheat, then there is no need to plant out. Just expose your seedlings to direct sunlight after about 4-5 days of growth. It will also grow just as readily indoors, in a sunny spot.

will grow rapidly to 6-10 inch height in 2 weeks.

NURTURING: Within 15 days your seedlings will shoot up to 6-10 inches in height. Water deeply each day, twice a day in summer. This plant requires little maintenance but if outdoors, tends to attract birds like pigeons, since it gives them a cool, cushioned place to sit in during hot summers! You may then not be so inclined to juice it up!! Therefore it’s a good idea to grow wheatgrass on a protected window sill, or to cover your outdoor containers with wire mesh.

HARVESTING: Your plants will grow rapidly and can be harvested for their leaves at any time after 2 weeks. Wheat grass left unharvested would tend to grow tall and crowd the container, asking to be transplanted to grow into wheat! However, Mumbai’s climate is too hot and humid to grow wheat to full form, so it is recommended that you grow and harvest it as wheatgrass only.


Wheatgrass at harvest-ready stage


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6 thoughts on “Growing Wheatgrass in Mumbai

  1. Geetika Lohani

    Great info! Thanks for sharing..
    One question- If I’m growing it as and for wheatgrass leaves then what am I supposed to do once I harvest the leaves. Do they continue to grow into more leaves or need to be derooted and sown again for the next harvest.


    1. Mandy Post author

      Glad you liked the blog! About wheatgrass, yes you can regrow it after cutting off the first crop and it will come up again. However, with every successive crop you will find that it grows less slowly than the previous. Successive crops also lack the same high nutrient levels as the first crop. But having said that, I think it’s worth a shot to regrow a couple of times at least.


  2. kuchhbhi dala

    Hey! I sowed wheat for wheatgrass, however, I see a lot of fruit flies and house flies getting inside the little basket that I have used. Please advise on what to do.


    1. Mandy Post author

      Ensure that your container is in full sun. I’m not sure if you have used fresh/unfinished compost, that would be the only other reason for fruit flies other than constant dampness.


  3. Taparia Yogendra.

    For past some time I have been growing wheat grass for self use only. Earlier I used to grow in soul but now I grow without soil.
    Part of my gets infected due to fungus or the like which damage the crop.
    I also have Tulsi plants n alovera besides some flowers plants.
    Please help me grow healthy plans.
    How can I contact you. 🙏


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Taparia, thanks for writing in. You have already contacted me! Please browse through this website. You will find lots of useful info on how to grow your plants successfully. Remember, wheatgrass is a sunlover and fungus will grow if you plant it in high humidity, low light areas and/or if it is too thickly planted. For best results, grow it in full 8 hour sunlight.



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