Why Grow

To paraphrase and play around with Descartes a bit, let me say: “I grow because I am, because of who I want to be, and because of the type of world I want my children to live in.”

Did you know that most of the produce grown, harvested and sold in markets across India is bio-engineered, laced with chemicals, and deadly for you and the natural system? Evidence of harmful chemicals has been found in the milk produced by lactating mothers in Eastern India. Evidence of disabilities caused by indiscriminate pesticide and fungicide use abounds in rural India. Evidence of declining immunity is widespread in urban India. As a society, we continue to poison our earth and live off its poisoned produce!

Big corporations have incentivized our legislators and landowners to spray chemicals on their lands for quicker crops and higher financial gains. The result is mass production of poor quality food. Today, it is just as difficult to find clean, non-poisoned earth, as it is to find natural, organically grown produce. In the meantime we subsist on a chemical soup of big, shiny, wholesome looking produce – that is anything but wholesome!

If we don’t make smart choices today, the destruction of land and produce will be complete by the next generation….

So, do think about what exactly you are feeding your family every day. Whenever possible, buy and support organically grown produce. And if you have the space and inclination – grow your own food! Begin with herbs, or a single chilli plant….then some spinach…perhaps some methi…next you could think of juicy, red tomatoes or deep purple eggplant….or the pretty gourd creepers that will yield exuberantly for months to come….let the farming bug get to you! You don’t need green thumbs to grow – mine are just as brown as yours! – and this website will give you all the information you need to go ahead!

Grow organically – so you and your family have access to uncontaminated produce, enjoy the beauty of green foliage and benefits of cleaner air, have something to nurture each day, and experience the joy of giving back to Earth 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Why Grow

  1. Jyotsna

    I chanced upon this site while looking for information on when to plant pumpkin..in Mumbai. I am so glad I did! Thank you! I have a small balcony garden, but the hunger to grow stuff is insatiable. Will be be coming back to this site…:)


    1. Mandy Post author

      Hi Jyotsna! Well, I’m so glad you chanced upon this site too 🙂 I hope it gives you the info you need to get started and grow to your heart’s content!!!



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